We understand conflict as a natural occurrence in human relationships. We offer family conflict & relationship mediation and conflict coaching, to support people to negotiate conflicts and to understand their own conflict triggers, reactions and ways of coping. Conflict management skills can be learnt and can minimise the negative impacts of embedded conflict. 

Family conflict mediation 

Couples mediation 

Conflict coaching 

Not all embedded family disputes require therapy. We work with those family members who wish to attend and support them to understand and address unresolved conflicts which are impacting negatively on family relationships. 
We support couples who have decided to separate to negotiate all aspects of a separation agreement. Where children are involved, mediation can greatly reduce the emotional stress of separation. 
Conflict coaching is one-to-one support to enable people to understand their personal conflict styles, reactions or anxieties. It supports people to prepare for conflict situations in a way that enables them to minimise the negative impacts of conflict on their personal wellbeing, whilst being able to engage in challenging situations where conflict may arise. 
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